According to my weekly scan of hard disk, firedll.dll from my mozillafirebird directory is a Trojan Horse (nice lot of detail there symantec!) and a password revealing program is backdoor.ciadoor. With the distinct lack of information that symantec are giving with these files that have been on my pc for weeks and haven’t changed – I am not impressed.

4 Responses to “Virus’?”

  1. Neil T. says:

    It’ll be a false positive – I get those from time to time. Usually the next time you update your definitions you’ll find that it ignores the file.

  2. Chris says:

    Complain to Symantec! False positives shouldn’t happen it’s just sloppy detection. They detected Macromedia Flash Player and files created by Flash a couple of years ago and a couple of adware removal tools too … I remember both causing a great deal of pain.

  3. Jamie says:

    So this backdoor.ciadoor isn’t really a virus? I’ve been tearing up the net trying to find the antivirus for this thing all morning. So what should I do, just leave the file it says is infected with this thing alone? ARRRGGGGHHH! Help here please