Unable to continue setup on SBS when doing a swing migration

I’m in the middle of a Swing Migration and received the message “”this server has a trust relationship with domain.local” after continuing the standard setup (after I’ve done most of the hard work migrating the existing settings). It took me a while to hunt down, but this is solved by editing a registry value and rebooting as per the details on Jared Griego’s sbs blog and at event id. I’m posting the details in the extended entry for safe keeping. Not sure why it happened, I guess there was a stage missed in editing AD or dns, but it all looked ok after double and triple checking.

“Yes, I should have posted specifics. This is a strange set of steps but it works:

1. This should be run on the new SBS box.
2. Open ADSI Edit.
3. Open Domain, Right Click on DC=domainname.local, select properties.
4. Find Object GUID in the list and click EDIT.
5. Copy the HEX code to Notepad and save.
6. Open a command prompt.
7. Type “at [Time Now + 1 Minute] /INTERACTIVE regedit.exe” (Where [Time Now + 1 Minute] is the actual time plus a minute away) then wait one minute until Regedit opens up.
8. Open the HKLM\SECURITY\POLICY tree and find the PolDnDmG key. When you do, you will see the DEFAULT Key with a Hex code.
9. At this point, it is very important that you take a screenshot of that GUID Hex code for backup. (Exporting will not create any entry).
10. Edit the default value, and manually type in the HEX code you saved in step 4.
11. Reboot.