Technical problems for Kelly.

Poor Kelly has been having some technical problems with her MovableType installation and now has a blank page on the site. The weird thing is that at various stages during the weekend the site has even come back with domain not found!
UpdateKelly’s site is back online now although with a plain design at the moment.


  1. kelly

    yeah, those blank pages were annoying… apparently, at approximately 11:00 am PST, my NEW webhost had a bit of a problem. redhat linux crashed and caused the server to go bye-bye. by at 5pm, they’d managed to replace the old server
    and started data restore. of course, they seemed to have forgotten to restore MY files, but hey, i’m getting used to it.

    web hosts are the bane of my existence. well, web hosts and cheese. i hate cheese. i never trust anything that comes from mold.

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