Technet offer

If you read this blog then hopefully you are aware of the $100 off a new Technet subscription. I’ve been toying around the idea with getting one of these – but it would still be $250! However from reading Keith’s blog it looks like Microsoft are offering 40% off Technet subscriptions if you attend one of the Windows/Visual Studio 2008 launch events. My nearest one is in Columbus on March 20th so I will probably be taking advantage of this at that point – the price for the Technet Plus direct works out at about $209.
PS if you are a student then you can get Office 2007 Ultimate for $60 which is a bargain!


  1. Bryan Price

    Technet Smechnet.

    I got my MCSE today!

    Tomorrow I got for +Security.

    And then it’s back home to Jacksonville.

    I’m tired. It’s been one hell of a bootcamp. I managed to fail 293, but passed it with a 910 the next day, only to top that with a 914 on the 299.

    It’s the 272 tomorrow for me, then I get to play in Miami! South Beach, here I come!

  2. Jonathan

    One thing to be sure you do know about Technet….you have to renew it every year, or you have to uninstall every single piece of software you got from it.

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