Technet content search

Technet has an offline content search on disk1 I have discovered this morning. This enables you to pop disk1 in and then work out which disk you need to get the file/content without installing the technet viewer itself. Useful when trying to work out which cd has Windows2000 service pack 4 on. Its not on any of the 6 cd’s labelled “Service Pack CD 1” etc, but instead its on Augusts Download CD1. Sensible place!

I tried running the offline search on my home pc but that complained that I wasn’t running ie5.5 or above, MDAC2.6 needed to be installed (MDAC2.8 was released two days ago) or XMLParser installed (the link to the download on this page was also broken!).
If you click continue anyway, the javascript driven page complains saying that “null” is not null or something daft.
I thought I’d upload it to my webspace so I could access it from anywhere, but it detects it is not being run from a local hard disk 🙁