Symantec Tech Support phone number

United States Technical Support – Phone: 800 342 0652 or 407 357 7600. Be prepared for a long wait


  1. Chad D

    No crud! I think they are my least favorite vendor when it comes to needing technical support. Their hold time are the worse!

  2. Kylie

    This is definately the worst company I have ever dealt with. The once you FINALLY do get through to Technical Support, they are unable to help and pretend they don’t understand. They don’t use your name and call you something else even though you correct them continually (and this happened with a supervisor). They advise they’ll contact you back, then never do. This is one company I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

  3. me

    I must admit that once I finally did get through to symantec they were partly useful and he did ring back (several times) after I got to the customer site (and used my correct name) but more about the problem solving exercise in a new blog post shortly.

  4. Chris Houghton


    To whom it many concern……….

    I paid to renew my subscription to the Norton Antivirus last month or so, and my credit card shows the payment was received. Now the Antivirus software will not work.

    I have tried to call the company but to no avail.

    What kind of scam is this?

  5. Andy

    @Chris – If it really doesn’t work then I’d contact my credit card company to request a chargeback. Alternatively call the support line for support. However you will need to give them more of a clue than “it doesn’t work”

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