spam from pfizer (benadryl)

I’ve been receiving a lot of spam email from Pfizer (who make Benadryl in the US) after trying to find out where to get Benadryl in the US. They never responded to my email request, their telephone response was incorrect (“we don’t do it over here” is wrong) and now they’ve been sending me marketing emails with unsubscribe links that show how naff their database server is.
It wasn’t until I eventually found an email address for their privacy office AND complained to etrust that I got some action from them to investigate the problems. Apparently they “understand the frustration and would like to help you in
the most efficient way.”
I’ve suggested they do the following:-

  1. Monitor your privacy address so you would have taken action on the request (with forwarded email) I sent on the 2nd Octobe
  2. have working unsubscribe links in a newsletter.
  3. have contact information on your website so that people can contact you to get off if a and b don’t work
  4. Don’t send out emails with a fake/unread return email address


  1. Stuart Cowen

    The point of your post is well taken, however, you can get Benedryl from any corner drug store (chemist) like CVS or Walgreens. Even the grocery stores have it. Sounds like a lot of hassle for such a common item. Let me know when you need some milk, before you open yourself up to privacy issues from Borden or Oak Farms.

    Sarcasm intended and forgiveness requested 🙂

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