Software Assurance E-Learning?

Has anyone managed to get their Software Assurance E-Learning activated for their organization for more than one person? I was interested to see a side comment from Susan Bradley, an SBS MVP who also can’t get E-Learning working One of my customers gets the message “Access Code is over its user limit. Please contact your training benefits coordinator or HR representative for further assistance” when they try to access the site. They have a 50 user licence, and I only have 1 licence signed up (mine when I set the whole thing up). 3 times Microsoft have told me the problem has been fixed and asked for screenshots when I’ve told them it still isn’t fixed and EXACTLY the same error message appears on screen. The last time I was asked for my passport username and password which was pretty unbelievable. I refused to give them mine, but I did set up a new user who was requesting the training but hadn’t set up a passport account yet as there wasn’t much point as the training site wasn’t working. Anyway, I gave them this userid and password and they told me they had fixed it. If they had bothered to actually test the problem they would have discovered that they hadn’t fixed it.
This SA E-Learning is touted as a free benefit, so far it’s cost a lot in time spent chasing Microsoft and having to tell the users that No, it still doesn’t work yet.
Also you are meant to get an update on the case every other day via email – I’m lucky if I get one a week.