Second Shot enhancements

The Second Shot promotion is still running on Microsoft’s website, but now has an extra reward if you pass the exam on the first attempt. If you take a test before the end of the year and pass on the first attempt, you will now get a 25% discount on your next exam (if you take it by June 30th). Looks like it’s time to get the study books out again and push the guys at work to study too. So far for me the second shot promotion has just taken the pressure off of taking exams as I’ve passed each one, so this will be a nice reward. Thanks to Born to Learn for the heads up.


  1. John

    May not be of interest and I’ll understand. However, Can you help me with a form in 2007 Word. I can’t find the ans anywhere. I need to fill in a diagnosis in one field and the next field is the code for that diagnosis. I need, when I fill in the Diagnosis, that its specific code is filled in automatically. Wouldn’t be a problem except it is in a different field and I’m not allowed to change the fields. I’ll gladly pay the going rates for consultation if you can help! (or tell me who can??)

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