Perl programming

What a horrible language! Just spent ages debugging a if-then-else loop only to find that comparisons of strings don’t use if $fred == $jim but instead use if $fred eq $jim and seeing as though $fred was a variable but $jim is actually a fiixed string I had several combinations to get correct before it would work, and I have no reason why using lc($fred) to convert $fred to lowercase didn’t work. Unfortunately Demon don’t support php or asp on their server so I can’t program in these languages (which I know a little more about).


  1. Chris

    I found Perl difficult when I first started out. Now I love it. The biggest plus for me is CPAN, where there are a ton of perl modules waiting to be downloaded and used. Need an ftp client or send email? It has already been written on CPAN.

    I would recommend that you start off with “Learning Perl” to quickly pick up the language. Another good book I like is the “Perl Cookbook.”

  2. Aaron

    That one bit me several times, when I first started out, but after a while you get used to it, and by the time you’re confident enough to make fun of people who don’t use it then it gets fun!

    I want to learn Python, but until I get time to learn it properly, then I’ll have to stick to what I can do off the top of my head.

    I started out with “Learning Perl on Win32 systems” it was a great book, as I was working on win32 and switched all my vbs system administration scripts over to perl. Good stuff.

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