No dialing out.

The good thing about not being able to make any calls since Monday is that our phone bill will be substantially cheaper. The bad news is that the mobile bill will be substantially higher. We’re still without dial out access from home, but can receive calls. BT’s automated “looseyouinaqueueofbuttonpressinguselessness”(TM) phone system is currently stating a fix time of 68 hours. Add that to the 36 hours and we’re hopefully looking at a nice lot of line rental rebate.


  1. pdc

    It amuses me that BT didn’t have any redundancy built into their system. Surely they should have the facility to re-route trunk routes?

    It’s apparantly affected retailers ability to take payments by card, as many use instant verification, by phoneline. Cash machines are also affected.

    Am surprised that uncle tone and brother david plonkett haven’t fingered this one on al queda and implemented emergency measures.

    Amazing the chaos a small fire can cause eh, so we’re really up the creek without a paddle if anything major, such as the detonation of 1/2 tonne of fertiliser, occurs.

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