New css design needed?

I think that this blog may need a new design, at least for browsers that are running at low resolution. The old laptop can only do 600*800 and when I add pictures to the blog (or long lines) then they break out over the bordering lines of the central column and go over the top of the right hand column making it look weird. The problem is not as pronounced in higher resolutions but it does occasionally happen (like in my previous opera post). If I remember or notice, I will tinyurl the weblink to make it fit, but I can’t do that in the opera post or when putting in paths to files with long directory names.
Having said that, I still get the occasional comment from people who like the theme so it can’t be too bad – unfortunately there is a large wasted space to the left where I am in the photo – but that is the focal point of the layout.
I might wait to see how MT3.2 looks on the local machine and see if a new design or theme can be made then. In the meantime, what are your thoughts?