My take on MT 3.0

As the several million other MT users have already blogged, MT3 was announced a day or so ago. I tried to read the site but it was being swamped so I only got to see it this evening. Everyone seems to be complaining about the cost of running a blog with more than one author or more than 3 blogs (I have 6 blogs with 3 authors). Interestingly, Mena’s justification for the pricing system contains the text

Based on surveys and user feedback, we are fairly comfortable these licenses will meet the needs of over 85% percent of our current users

I’m not sure which survey or which 85% of users they talked too as it certainly doesn’t look like they talked to the major users.
Having said all that I can’t see what the big deal is. Is there anything that says you HAVE to upgrade to version 3 and pay money? Surely you can just stay on 2.65 on the free licence? The only thing that I see I might loose is the ability to appear on the recently updated list on their website – not that much of a big deal to me as most of my hits come from google anyway.


  1. Chris

    I find it kinda funny grepping my apache access logs for “SEARCH” and reading the resulting referrers. People type in some bizarre searches and still get my site.

  2. Phil Wolff

    Seat caps are the problem, not money.

    The big gripe is the license won’t scale with usage. I can’t buy a license only to run up against a brick wall when I need to add the nth user or the zth weblog. Does anyone license email servers that way? Or ftp servers?

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