Laptop Cooler?

I’m fed up with having my lap heat up every time I use it at home so I’m on the lookout for a decent laptop cooler. The ByteCC looks good and has had favourable reviews but it doesn’t look like it would be any good on the lap, but good for a desktop holder. The Acrylic cooler looks a better choice and similar to the CyberCooler. The Laptop desk does not need any power as it doesn’t actually use fans so I’m not sure how effective it would be. I really need to see/try one before I purchase it. I wonder if Argos do one? (no they don’t)


  1. Kevin

    I have had heat issues with my Gateway 2.0 Ghz… I do not recomend it if you hate heat….Lots of heat….

  2. John

    Try this URL for inexpensive alternatives:

    They have the acrylic cooler for $10US, and the CyberCooler for just under $19US.

    I’d depend on some sort of fan cooling as opposed to the laptop desk which apparantly depends on convection to provide cooling. Having said that, the laptop desk does seem to provide a nice flat non-slip surface to rest the laptop on, but I am sure the USB powered coolers will be more effective at cooling.

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