Installing xp

This weekends fifth wave cartoon shows someone being reminded of installing XP, something I am going to have to do in a couple of weeks time when the parents-in-law new computer arrives. Not only will I have to install, tweak and patch XP, I’m also going to have to connect it up to RoadRunner cable and also migrate all their data from the old machine to the new one – Something I’m not looking forward to doing. I should have brought my crossover network cable with me so I could do it all over the network but instead I’ll either have to plug the hard disk from the old machine into the new one, or go get a network cable and hope I can get the two machines talking to each other.


  1. Chris

    A few months ago I helped my sister-in-law get her data files off her old HP computer and moved on to her new Dell. I just unplug the CD-ROM drive in the new computer and installed the old hard drive from the HP machine in its place. Much quicker if you are moving LOTS and LOTS of files, like mp3s.

    so, if there is space on the IDE controller, I would install the old hard drive on the new computer.


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