I’m getting fed up with amazon…

After my last shopping experience with them when they couldn’t make up their mind on shipping, this time they’ve cancelled an order I placed as the seller can’t accept amazon payments. Yet the item is still on sale this morning AND they have an identical item selling for 1p if you can name the number of tracks that the item can hold. Something is not right here….


  1. Dave M.

    Yea, I had all kinds of problems with Amazon about 3 years ago. I boycotted them for about a year, but after a bunch of other CD stores either got bought out by Amazon or just were not good to begin with, I had to give in and start buying from them again carefully.

    My problems was with the shipping too. I asked for 2 day shipping and found the item arriving 3 or 4 days later. Normally that wouldn’t be such a problem, but they had an item that was mislabeled and I went through 3 cycles of sending the item back and getting the same one again. I sent them messages each time explaining the problem with no results. I finally just cancelled the order and bought the CD from a competator.

    My biggest gripe with them is that there is no way to contact them other than email. Oh sure, I know the phone number now if I really need to bitch at them, but just try to find that number on their site!

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