ie7 complains about name.dll on sharepoint sites

The homepage at a customer which is checking ie7 compatability was complaining that the website wanted to run name.dll from Microsoft Corporation. Unfortunately the error message doesn’t really tell you WHY it needs to run the dll or what functionality you will lose if you don’t trust it. BSimser posts that it is the sharepoint presence “magic”. Looks like the homepage needs to be added to the trusted sites (although it should be already!). A good candidate for ensuring it is set in group policy I think! Update see Stewed Prunes on how to do this.
Update 2 – Be very careful if you do this. Adding the intranet to the trusted zone could cause the issue “The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted” when you try to connect to a sharepoint server and have added the server to your trusted sites. See this post and scroll down to March 13 2006