ICE (In Case of Emergency) on a mobile phone

It has been suggested by a paramedic in england that people should program a contact number into their mobile phone under ICE that they would like the emergency services to use if they were found in an accident and unable to talk. This seems a good idea and there are talks about mobile phone companies building this feature into the mobile firmware.
The only drawback I can think of is that some people have their phone locked whilst it is not in use to prevent theft which means paramedics wouldn’t be able to get to it (unless this was made available as part of the firmware updates).
The other drawback is that some incredibly stupid phones such as the Samsung that I have don’t let you have more than one contact for the same phone number. Therefore, in theory, I can’t have Kristen and ICE going to Kristen’s phone. The way around this is to program a pause at the end of one of the numbers (or add an extra digit that gets ignored by the phone system) to one of the numbers so that the numbers appear different.


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