I passed!

Although I had to delay my test until this afternoon as my planned test date of yesterday was full, I passed my Small Business Exam, 70-282 this afternoon with a score of 925 – although not 1000 like my past test, still a respectable score that I’m pleased with.
The very first question had nothing to do with SBS (as did most of the questions) and was something I’d never heard of or probably need to do – it was how about how to migrate a dhcp server settings from a real environment to a test environment (hopefully that is vague enough to not get in trouble for breaking the NDA).
Some of the questions were very easy and very obvious but some of the questions were very ambiguous so I had no idea what the right answer was. They were things like “in this scenario, what are the two biggest risks?” when the choices are critical/security patches not installed, no antivirus defs, ISA client not installed and ISA server not uptodate. Apart from the first choice it’s very difficult to distinguish which is the next biggest risk – especially in a real world scenario.

Anyway, now that I have passed this exam I have another exam under my MCSE belt taken care of – 5 more to go 🙁 Once the results are submitted to Microsoft I also become a Small Business Specialist and gain entry into the exclusive Small Business Specialist Community. My company also benefits as they gain this competency/specialist too.


  1. Kevin Beares

    Hi Andy,

    Congratulations! Thanks also for taking the SBS Community survey. Drop me a line if you ever need anything.


    Kevin Beares
    SBS Community Lead

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