How to get mobi files into the Android Kindle app

I got a free .mobi file today and it took a couple of minutes to get the file working in the Kindle app on the android. First of all, download the mobi file to the android. By default it will save it in the download file on the SD card. Then using your application of choice, move the file to the kindle directory. If you have the kindle application running, you will need to kill it and then relaunch it so that the kindle app restarts and realizes the file has been loaded.
I use the OI File Manager app for moving files on the android, and Advanced Task Killer to kill applications when required. The other android apps I use can be seen at my Absoblogginlutely appbrain page


  1. Isaac Grove

    thried loading .mobi file on kindle app for android. Used OI file manager to move it as you said, the kindle directory on the phone says it’s there but it won’t let me access it. Says application does not exist when I try to open it. Also after I put it in kindle directory I launch the app and it doesn’t show up with the picture of the book on the app home page as it does for other books.

  2. Tom

    You can also e-mail Mobi files to your kindle e-mail address
    and sync up on the Tablet. Works for amazon specific files too!
    (.azw file)

  3. A

    Mine did that for Android. My Android had 2 diff Kindle folders. I moved the file to Device>Android>kindle and it worked

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