Having a great time in Canada.

Having a great time in Niagara Falls – whose tagline should be “Tackier than Blackpool*. The street that we walk down on the way to the falls is called Clifton Hill and is super super tacky. There are about 5 or 6 haunted house/horror house type attractions and we’ve counted at least 4 waxwork museums. Fortunately the Falls area is much nicer and there is some nice gardening going on to keep it looking good. Yesterday I went geocaching and walked about 6 or more miles – my feet now ache – and visited both the Canadian and the US side of the falls. Although I took my camera I forgot to bring my sd card reader with me so you will have to wait for a week until I can upload the photos. My first shot across the Horseshoe Falls should hopefully come out really well – as I took the picture a seagull flew straight into the frame – the thumbnail in the camera looks pretty good – hopefully the full size picture will be good too. Kristen and I also took some portrait pictures in the secret garden – again the thumbnails look good…..
Today we’re leaving Niagara and are heading out to Waterloo…now where did I put the Abba collection?

* but our water is cleaner – probably.