Fixed – Screenconnect blocked by Windows Smartscreen

Due to an expired code sign certificate, the version of Screenconnect that is launched from Connectwise Automate (aka Labtech) fails to run on 2 of my Windows 10 machines but works fine on the rest of the machines. The error message “Your administrator has blocked this application because it potentially poses a security risk to your computer”. The ones that fail are running Windows 1809 and 1903 so I suspect that there is some of the new features of SmartScreen are enabled and older versions do not have these settings.

Your administrator has blocked this application because it potentially poses a security risk to your computer

Checking out the file used for Screenconnect, I saw that the certificate used to sign the exe file expired on February 1st this year, but I’m not sure why my machines suddenly started to refuse to run it the last few days of March.

The Screenconnect.WindowsClient.exe is downloaded to a random subdirectory of appdata\local\apps\2.0 so I recommend you navigate to this directory and then search for *.exe and check the correct screenconnect file as per the screenshot below which shows the certificate expiring on the 1st February

ScreenConnect certificate expiry dates

After searching around and contacting Connectwise Support they advised me this would be fixed in an upcoming version. In the meantime setting the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft.NETFramework\Security\TrustManager\PromptingLevel\Internet to a string type of Enabled will allow the ClickOnce application to popup and this allows the dialog box to give an option as to whether the file should be run or not (the previous setting was Disabled). This then allows the user to select yes to install and run the file overriding the invalid SSL certificate.

Obviously this is not a great idea but it does allow you to run Screenconnect from within the Automate window. (The other alternative is to use the Screenconnect website itself to connect).


  1. Andy

    Unfortunately the issue is still occurring and when the registry settings on the machine are updated, you need to go and readjust the settings again.
    The application on our server is still generating this issue despite Connectwise Control saying it would be fixed in a week or two in April.

  2. James Haynes

    i dont mean to double post, but i just figured it out. so the cert for CW is valid now, says its good till 10/30/2019, but changing the reg hasnt worked at all.
    its really bothering me, so i decided to import the cert manually. i added to trusted root, no go. so i scroll thru the list and decided i would try importing into the “Trusted Package App Installation Authorities”.
    and voila! i now have Control working from my client. 🙂
    if you want to not post my last post and keep this one, that would be good so maybe someone else can get some help.

  3. Post

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