Finally got bluetooth synching with my mobile.

I’ve never quite managed to get outlook to synch with the mobile via bluetooth. Infrared works fine and dial up networking over bluetooth worked fine too. In order to get it working I have to do the following.
Enable Bluetooth on the phone. Enable Bluetooth Manager on the laptop.
Select Nokia PC Suite in the bluetooth service manager and hit connect.Select a free com port,(2 in my case). Accept the connection on the phone. At this point the phone will show connecting. THEN go into the pcsynch application and connect using bluetooth. Choose the com port from above and the phone stops showing connecting and you are then connected. At this point you can synch away.
Now that I’ve blogged this, I’ll be able to do it again next time I need to synch!


  1. Neil T.

    I believe Windows XP SP2 will make Bluetooth connectivity somewhat easier in future. But thanks for this, I’ll keep it in mind if I ever get on the Blietooth bandwagon.

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