Event id 1000

Had a weird event id 1000, source Userenv when building a desktop in the office.
The full error was “Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. Return value (1326)”.

This occured because the user had changed their network password on another machine in the office whilst this one was logged on (as I was building it). When I subsequently logged off and rebooted I was able to connect to our exchange mail server ok, but not to our data server – the one that was authenticating the user on the network in the first place! Net use’s to this particular service were getting rejected with a bad username or password message. Resetting the password on the user didn’t make any difference.
Seeing as though the user was only a power user on the local machine and I could log on ok as me (a local administrator). Promoting the user to a local administrator and the password went away. Logging off, demoting back to a power user and I was able to log back in again. I guess it needed one successful logon to properly synchronise credentials or something.


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