Entourage X

I don’t have much exposure to Mac’s and was surprised to see that if you use certain versions of entourage (i.e. version X) then you need to enable imap on the exchange server. Microsoft’s mac support page on exchange has the prerequisites for various versions of entourage. Interestingly, the new version 2004 needs webdav so I’m guessing it using something like rpc over http for exchange?


  1. PatrickQG

    Entourage X isn’t worth thinking about – if you have an Exchange CAL you should get Entourage 2004.

    As to the webdav stuff… yes & no to being like rpc over http. Yes in that it goes over http. No in that it’s using webdav not rpc. You may have never noticed (or indeed cared to notice) that you can “mount” Exchange mailboxes using webdav (just tell your webdav client to connect to the full OWA url, e.g https://someserver/exchange/Mailbox.Name/ with your username/pass).

    When you say “needs webdav” as far as I know that’s what the IE OWA client uses to do it’s magical things, so I’m not even sure you can turn webdav off.

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