Well I feel like a fully fledged plumber tonight. Wednesday night I brought home the dishwasher from work as we had no room to put it in the new offices. We gave it a good clean outside (after the clean it got in the office too!) and I wisely decided not to tell Kristen that there was a dead mouse under it when we moved it from under the sink – that brought the grand total to 3. Anyway, I stopped off at Wickes on the way home and for under £9 I got a splitter for the cold water outlet and a self cutting waste outlet clamp. Both are now firmly in place with no leaks….yet. I did manage to get wet putting the splitter on the cold water pipe as I foolishly decided to let the stopcock on the join stop the water – it didn’t. As I called Kristen to give me some help she went into the loo – I thought she was going to turn the main stopcock off, but no – she just needed the loo! Afterwards she turned the water off and I was able to adjust the nonworking stop cock into more of an off position. Then it was a quick attachment of the washing machine and dishwasher, turn on the main stopcock and then struggle to turn the little splitter stopcock back to the on position. Then it was loading the dishwasher – which started the arguments off already – and we’re now sitting up waiting for it to finish, neither of knowing how long it will take – to ensure that the waste outlet doesn’t leak. Oh and Kristen says that I am a fully fledged plumber 😉


  1. pencils

    I don’t know… how tacky and pervy can these Americans get! Personally, I’m with the Canadians… they hate the Americans as much as we do.


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