tmobile can’t read.

T-Mobile sent me the following email after I complained that I had been hung up on after querying my final phone bill after cancelling the contract due to them increasing the costs…….

>Thank you for your email about your pay as you go package.
Pay as you go? I was on a contract
>As a connection action was not made within 180 days, your mobile number >was suspended and entered a 90 day hibernation period. Examples of a >connection action are:
>1. Crediting your account
>2. Sending a text message
>3. Making a chargeable call
It wasn’t suspended as I was making and receiving calls and you’ve billed me for them which is why I am complaining!
>During the hibernation period you were unable to make and receive calls or >access voicemail.However, you could still call Customer Services on 150.
You can’t call customer services when tmobile cancel the sim card!
>Your mobile number could have been reconnected within the 90 days for a >charge of £10.00. As the 90 days has now passed and the line has not been >reconnected, it has been permanently cancelled meaning any credit remaining >on the account will be lost.
I hope they haven’t cancelled my £150 owing on my contract!

My reply is in the extended entry…will be interesting to see if I get a reply.

t-mobile billing

T-mobile sent me a letter with the latest bill saying that they were going to charge £1 a month for itemised billing which had previously been free. The bottom of the letter mentioned that this “represents an increase in our charges above the retail price index figures”. What they don’t tell you is that this means you can quite legitimately (although not hassle free) cancel your agreement with them under their own terms and conditions. I’ve tried ringing customer services up who insist they’d charge me up until september and suprise suprise there is no manager available to speak to. They did say they’d ring back before 10pm tonight though but I’m not holding my breath. An interesting forum discussion has evolved at Money SavingExpert on this problem.

FWDCellular pays up….almost

Finally got my cheque from FWDCellular for my years rent on the T-Mobile sim that I purchased for them. The deal was(and is) that I paid the first years rental up front and after the first bill they sent me a cheque within 28 days….or so it should have been. After almost two months I sent them a snotty letter threatening them with the small claims/trading standards/credit card clawback if they did not pay by the end of the week (tomorrow). Today the cheque arrived, but either them or T-mobile have been a bit sneaky. It looks like T-Mobile bill from the 21st of the month and my phone was activated on the 23rd. Therefore I get billed for the period from 23rd to the 21st then the period for a year. Needless to say I only get the cash back for the year’s period….so I’m out by ten quid 🙁

Installing a hardware firewall.

I wouldn’t have thought that organising an adsl modem to work in conjunction with a hardware firewall would be that difficult. But I’ve been receiving conflicting advise over what routers/functionality needs to be installed. All I need is an router/modem that is effectively invisible to the firewall so it thinks it is connected to the internet and can get on with its filtering,vpn’s and protection. However I am being ignored by BT, the company we are probably going to buy Broadband from (yet another reason to not use them – if they are this bad when we *want* to spend some money with them I hate to think what they will be like when we have a problem), our existing firewall support won’t help unless we buy one particular make of router and get broadband from one particular supplier, and the firewall company won’t help as they say its the resellers problem – so back to square one…..Almost makes me want to go to dialup modem! The fact that we can’t order broadband until the physical line is installed and live also makes a mockery of the whole broadband ordering process.