Installing a hardware firewall.

I wouldn’t have thought that organising an adsl modem to work in conjunction with a hardware firewall would be that difficult. But I’ve been receiving conflicting advise over what routers/functionality needs to be installed. All I need is an router/modem that is effectively invisible to the firewall so it thinks it is connected to the internet and can get on with its filtering,vpn’s and protection. However I am being ignored by BT, the company we are probably going to buy Broadband from (yet another reason to not use them – if they are this bad when we *want* to spend some money with them I hate to think what they will be like when we have a problem), our existing firewall support won’t help unless we buy one particular make of router and get broadband from one particular supplier, and the firewall company won’t help as they say its the resellers problem – so back to square one…..Almost makes me want to go to dialup modem! The fact that we can’t order broadband until the physical line is installed and live also makes a mockery of the whole broadband ordering process.


  1. me

    if it was up to me I wouldn’t use bt for *anything* let alone the broadband, but unfortunately that decision has been made by a different monkey in the company 🙁 I’ve spent a couple of days reading on adslguide though!

  2. me

    thats more like something i’d use at home with the wireless features 🙂
    This set of people really do not need anything more technical than a long piece of wet string and two empty cans stretched between sites and even then I’d think they’d break that 🙂

  3. PhoenixDaCat

    3 years down the Broadband line I have just switched from BTOpenWoe and moved to PlusNet.

    Am waiting for more 802.11g wireless routers to come to the market. As well as the reviews at, there were also labs in last months PCFormat and PCPro.

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