SuperGenPass support now available for the Blackberry

I have been using the SuperGenPass bookmarklet for a long time now to allow me to have unique passwords for each website that I need to log into but only one master password to remember but the drawback is that it only works for websites and you need the javascript bookmark (or a web page downloaded).  I have the script saved in my gmail account to allow me to save it onto a new machine that is under my control and use, but for those times when you don’t really want to save the bookmarklet on the pc but have access to your blackberry, then you can now save this implementation of SuperGenPass for the blackberry thanks to Michael Gorven. The download page is and the script also gives you an option of using the PasswordComposer generation for passwords.

The blackberry is rapidly becoming my thirdparty authentication tool – the ability to run programs on it to generate secure passwords is very handy – I have another post on this coming up shortly.

Ricoh copier network access password.

Ricoh copiers can save scans and incoming faxes to a network share as pdf’s and tif files. However if a previous company used the administrator username and password and you come and change the administrator password then this functionality breaks – to the tune of about 500 pieces of paper all over the floor of the office!
It took me a while to find this information out, but the user name and passwords for accessing the network shares are stored in the address book on the copier – they are not stored in the many other option pages of the copier, this functionality can be found in the management web interface, so an onsite visit is not needed (the default use name and password for the web console is admin and no password). At the same time I would strongly recommend changing the username to a service account that is not the administrator account on the network!