Seven – no not the Brad Pitt movie….

Neil tagged me to do the 7 meme and as he did my flickr systray meme I thought I’d better join in – so here goes..
Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

  1. Sell my house in England – hopefully WELL before I die but it seems to be taking a long long time.
  2. Have kids – as soon as the house is sold and I get a decent job we’ll be trying for kids.
  3. Go to DisneyWorld/Land
  4. Bungee Jump (or any other extreme sport)
  5. Get my MCSE qualifications – one day. It’s just far too expensive in time and money to chase these qualifications.
  6. Fly a Plane or helicopter – I was going to do this for my 30th Birthday but the opportunity never materialised – however it is a lot cheaper to learn in the US, so it is quite feasible.
  7. Go on a cruise – they always look really good, but it is hard to find a destination that Kristen and I would both like.

7 Things I can do

  1. Fly a (hang) glider – not for long admittedly but I have flown a hang glider at the Outer Banks in North Carolina (see pics). I’ve also flown a glider in circles and on approach for landing, but not the actual landing myself.
  2. Ride a motorbike – in fact this was my major form of transport at University and afterwards – only gave it up after getting married.
  3. Clean the litterbox – well someone has to!
  4. Solve most (if not all) computer problems. Well it seems like it sometimes and it’s not often that I admit defeat (and basically a reboot or reformat will cure most of them 🙂 )
  5. Spend too long on the computer – see above.
  6. Play the piano/keyboard – not brilliantly, but enough to get by and provide backing “noise”
  7. Do a great Stan Laurel impression.

7 Things I can not do

  1. Play or watch Football and have no inclination to do so either.
  2. Scuba dive – I went on a course to do this and loved it but the asthma/hayfever meant that I couldn’t breathe properly to satisfy the requirements of getting my PADI qualifications.
  3. Grow my hair very long.
  4. Understand everything that goes on at a American Football game. I try hard, but everytime I think I “get it”, they go and do something else weird.
  5. Give Blood – I’ve had cancer and also take hayfever medication which prevents me doing so.
  6. Ski – Always wanted to give it a try but never got round to trying it out – the fear of breaking a leg (or worse) has put me off – and its expensive too.
  7. Speak, read or write Chinese

7 things I find really attractive about the opposite sex Kristen.

  1. Her Smile
  2. Her touch – there is nothing better than a loving touch after a hard days work (or any time at all really 🙂
  3. Sense of Humour
  4. Easy Goingness – not sure if that is a word, but it is essential for a great marriage and I knew we were off to a good start when we spent 18 hours in the car together the first day we met (and we’re about to do 2 stints of 10+ hours in the next fortnight).
  5. Her curves 🙂
  6. Her intelligence – even if it does mean she often beats me to the su doku game.
  7. The fact she loves me too!

7 things I say the Most.

  1. Basically
  2. Free instead of Three and Portsmouf, Rafeon etc.
  3. Superb – when talking about how nice food is – but as Kristen takes the mick for me doing this, it doesn’t happen very often now.
  4. Yes Please, Yep. – Often when asked if I want something or other, this is how I’ll reply – no idea where this came from.
  5. Swine – I have the father-in-law to thank for this one as it’s (just) one of his Clousea impressions that I’ve picked up.
  6. Google – often appears in conversations on how to fix computers 🙂
  7. Hey Up – a greeting that I started to use when taking the mick out of a Stoke friend of mine, but now say it a lot when greeting people – it really confuses some americans!

7 Books authors I love.
Too many books to count really and I’m sure I’ve answered this question in a meme before. Just take a look at My Book posts on this blog. The main criteria is that they must have written more than one book!

  1. Stephen King
  2. Terry Pratchett
  3. Janet Evanovitch
  4. Jasper Fforde
  5. Douglas Adams
  6. Tad Williams
  7. All the bloggers that I read.

Seven people I would like to see take the quiz

  1. Paul
  2. Anna (that will be a good start to your blogging!
  3. Angela
  4. Rob
  5. Mike
  6. Kristen
  7. Danny (like that is going to happen 🙂