MBSA for Visio

There is a great tool for integrating Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) into Visio network diagrams but this is almost useless for the consulting side of things. MBSA requires that it is run as a user with credentials on the domain which is not possible to do on a consultants laptop as it is unlikely that it is going to be a member of the customers domain. Therefore MBSA will not scan the machines and the benefit is lost. It would work if the customer had a copy of visio, but this is unlikely for most of my customers.
I don’t have admin rights on the network back in the office so I can’t even try it out on my office network either 🙁
However, if you are not a consultant and have visio, then this tool is well worth checking out as it will give you colour coded status for each server on the network within visio. From first impressions it does look like you need to have your servers in visio as a server object – you can’t use one of your own objects like a dell rack mount object.