AVG errors

AVG caused a boot failure on Kristen’s machine this afternoon with a “Causeway error 09: Unrecoverable exception – program terminated” error message which caused Win98 to either hang completely or to run incredibly slowly. Looking on google, causeway is a dos extender program written yonks ago. In the end I booted into safe mode and uninstalled avg.Rebooted and the machine is ok. I’m now downloading Bitdefender which I have mentioned in the past but never got round to using…..until now.

Fixing vpmsece.dll errors in outlook

when you open your first email after starting Outlook, you see the error message Error: “VPMSECE.DLL could not be installed or loaded. It may be missing or there may not be enough resources.” The error message may or may not reference a location, as in: “C:\Program Files\NavNT\vpmsece.dll could not be installed or loaded. It may be missing or there may not be enough resources.”
The documented solution is to uninstall the symantec security client, delete extend.dat (search your computer for this file) and start outlook. If this doesn’t work, reinstall outlook (in my case office). There is no way I was going to uninstall office and then reinstall it so I went hunting.
10 minutes later I had a solution.
A quick search on the registry for vpmsece.dll comes up with LDVP under hklm\software\microsoft\exchange\client\extensions. Disabling LDVP under tools/options/other/Advanced Options/AddInManager and restarting Outlook and everything was ok. Re-enabling the extension and the problem re-occurs.
Deleting the registry entry hklm\software\microsoft\exchange\client\extensions\LDVP and restarting outlook means I don’t get the error message and the LDVP addon is not listed in the registry.
I then installed Symantec Client Security again and all seems to be ok. The cryptic LDVP has been replaced with SavCorp810 in the extension manager which is a lot easier to work out what the extension is.