Can’t install MT (at the moment) on Uniform Server

I’ve just tried to get MovableType working on Uniform Server (using Mysql as the database) and it doesn’t work. The installation check routine fails because dbd::mysql is not installed and it needs the dbi module installed. This does not come with Uniform Server and is not going to be present until version 3.3 comes out (if then). This is a shame as I was hoping to try an installation of MT and import of my data to my local machine to test my backups and DR capabilities.
Plan B is to install MT over on my over hosting company but thats a project for another day as I’m sure my eyes are going all funny now.


  1. me

    Yes, but at the moment I can’t work out how to do that – there is no ppm interface to run through the instructions. I *could* possibly use the berkely module, but the other db’s all need dbi installing.

  2. Chris

    It’s only a perl module, IIRC MT ships with a bunch already.
    In ./lib create a folder called DBD and in that put from a.n.other place.

    You may need DBI/ too 😉

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