AWstats access without using hosting login

Danny wanted the ability to have stats for his subdomain so he can see where visitors were coming from. However the stats program that he used to use started to generate popups when the website was visited. I was not happy with this so the script was disabled. By following the instructions at AWStats Access I was able to provide him a url, username and password so that he could access stats for his website without having to provide him the control panel username and password. As he doesn’t have ftp access to the directory the stats program is loaded, it is secure from the end user downloading the control panel password. (I hope!). I’ve also renamed and edited the couple of files to ensure that the filenames are not common to avoid any guesswork and file inclusion via any vulnerable xss scripts that could occur.


  1. Danny


    I am ever grateful that understanding the internet is not a prerequisite to actually using the internet. I am almost equally thankful that knowing Andy is not dependent on having a single clue as to what he is talking about.

    Thanks, as ever. May you be constantly blessed with secure xss scripts…

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