First working day of the year and I’m already stressed out! Kristen’s car decided to start playing up – I managed to drive about 30 metres up the road when it just conked out. Various attempts at trying to start it failed,with the engine just not firing. Jump leads didn’t help at all so we’ve got to arrange a visit back to the garage (and it only passed it’s MOT less than a month ago.
Today we finished the last of the 98-W2K/XP upgrades. One of the machines the user was unable to connect to one of our domain controllers – all of the other domain controllers were fine apart from this one and other users on that machine were also fine. netdom was coming up with errors saying that the trusted channel didn’t exist (didn’t have time to get the exact error message) so I figured the machine account on the network was missing. Removing and adding back onto the domain didn’t make any difference.I had to remove from the domain, change the computer name and then add it back to the domain again.
The other machine works fine except it won’t change the scheme under display properties/appearance. Selecting a different scheme just switches back to the original one, you are unable to scroll through the list of schemes and the apply button is permanently greyed out. Again, logged on as a different user, the problem doesn’t exist. I can’t work out where the settings are being stored or how to fix it…..yet. Thankfully I have 2 more days before the user comes back to the office.
Oh and I’ve also spent the past four days with a REALLY sore/stiff neck for no obvious reason. I had to work from home in a still position three days ago as it was too painful to drive (and i couldn’t move my neck from side to side). It’s almost better now, still stiff though 🙁


  1. PDC

    Re the MOT and then breaking down a week later. 8 hours after my last car was MOTed it blew a head gasket on the M6, at midnight.

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