2.661 slight problem

Chris pointed out that there is a slight problem with 2.6661 and MT-Blacklist in that there is no throttling due to the order of the plugins overwriting the new functionality. Thats a bit scary as last night I was reading up on (and saw) the effects of a in-the-wild hacking tool for MT and it looks like blacklist may not stop this. I’m hesitant to go into details here but email me if you want more information.


  1. Aaron

    You’re using 2.6661? From past experience I’ve found that .666 versions usually need a good exorcism before they work as they should… and because of that I simply don’t bother installing them. Just not worth the trouble.

    If you or any of your readers, have already installed version .666, then I am ready to offer my professional services and perform the exorcism for a moderate fee 😉


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