Month: February 2004

Egg “new offers”

Egg sent me an email to tell me of their wonderful offers…..they’re reducing the cash back from 0.5% to 0.1% (after last years reduction from 1%) instead I get 0% interest on any balance transfers for up to 5 months as long as I transfer in October……Its now February – what good is this offer going to do me?

tmobile can’t read.

T-Mobile sent me the following email after I complained that I had been hung up on after querying my final phone bill after cancelling the contract due to them increasing the costs…….

>Thank you for your email about your pay as you go package.
Pay as you go? I was on a contract
>As a connection action was not made within 180 days, your mobile number >was suspended and entered a 90 day hibernation period. Examples of a >connection action are:
>1. Crediting your account
>2. Sending a text message
>3. Making a chargeable call
It wasn’t suspended as I was making and receiving calls and you’ve billed me for them which is why I am complaining!
>During the hibernation period you were unable to make and receive calls or >access voicemail.However, you could still call Customer Services on 150.
You can’t call customer services when tmobile cancel the sim card!
>Your mobile number could have been reconnected within the 90 days for a >charge of £10.00. As the 90 days has now passed and the line has not been >reconnected, it has been permanently cancelled meaning any credit remaining >on the account will be lost.
I hope they haven’t cancelled my £150 owing on my contract!

My reply is in the extended entry…will be interesting to see if I get a reply.

One reason why I should never be sick or leave the office.

[email protected] has got at least one of our (remote) users who decided to open the email with an attachment with a zip file which then has an attachment called “joke.txt insert50spaceshere .exe”
The reason they opened the file was “because it might have been a registration email for a conference” despite these normally containing no .zip attachments
Their av was not uptodate for some reason – the definitions dated 22/2 didn’t pick the worm up (and the 23rd’s dats have not been downloaded for some reason). Now I have to go through and check every machine to make sure someone else hasn’t run it.


I’ve had a really annoying cold since Friday after I spent the best part of 2.5 days in a client’s air conditioned computer room. I was either wearing a jumper or coat and didn’t feel that cold but my nose obviously thinks otherwise. I was suprised to find that it wasn’t too bad when we were geocaching on top of the Roaches on Saturday when the wind was howling, but it was pretty bad and giving me a really congested head on Sunday so I took today off as I didn’t want to spread the germs around much more (than I had on Friday!) Hopefully tomorrow at work won’t be too bad – we’ll see.

Nice mexican

We had a nice meal out on Saturday night at El Rio’s Mexican and Cajun Restaurant in Macclesfield. I had been there for a meal with work some time ago and the food was really good. I’m not convinced the food was as nice as the last time and I was disappointed that we didnt get to see the live jazz as we were tucked away in a (cramped) corner but I think we all had a good time. Afterwards we went to Andy’s Father’s brother, nephew’s cousin’s dad’s pub which reminded me of a local back in Portsmouth and reminded me that there aren’t any nice locals in Congleton (that I’ve discovered). Although I don’t drink it was nice to go out for a pint to relax occasionally.