11 Outlook Web Access tips (plus 1 bonus from me)

11 outlook web access tips for 2003 which are also useful in outlook itself. I did wonder what the difference between premium and basic version was and now I know. My bonus tip is that unless you have owner access to a users mailbox you only get read access to someone elses calendar in outlook web access, even if you have edit or author access within outlook. I spent ages trying to work this out for a remote customer (who I couldn’t talk through things over the phone as they only had 1 phone line which she used for dialup! I finally managed to get hold of someone in the office, make sure that a pc in the office wasn’t in use and then take control of the pc to test the outlook vs outlook web access functionality.


  1. Patrick

    Ah, the read-only on a delegates calendar “bug”.

    This same thing bit Entourage (Office 2004, SP2), the fix is to latest service pack for the Exchange (both 2000 and 2003 editions) server. Since Entourage uses WEBDAV, I find it reasonable to think this might fix OWA as well… though I could be wrong.

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