Trashed Toyota truck.

Topgear try to kill a toyata pickup is a funny 16 minute clip where they try all sorts of things to destroy the truck. It would be really funny to see what happened if they had called the AA out after leaving the truck in the sea. The things they do to the truck are pretty amazing although I’m not sure about the legality of driving the truck on the road after some of the things they do to it – the bodywork looks pretty dangerous. I must say that it sure beats the advert that they shown on tv at the moment where they drop stuff over the truck and it drives off – this video is much more extensive. Thanks to Day in the life of a Security Investigator


  1. Ron

    I own a Toyota pickup, which is perilously close to breaking 200000 miles. Frankly, I detest the vehicle, but the price was right at the time. I want a new truck, but cannot justify buying one while the “Toy” is in good condition. I have been trying to kill the thing for years, but obviously not to that extent … although I have driven down steps before.

    I have never heard of that show before, but am definitely taking an interest.

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