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Adding Matter devices to network needs IPV6

I guess it’s buried somewhere in the small print, but trying to add my first Matter device to my network would constantly fail with “Checking network connectivity” and then just silently failing.

All the hubs in the house could see the device, but none could add them to the App and assign a network.

Enabling IPV6 on my router, reconnecting to WIFI and then attempting to add the device was then successful in adding the device to SmartThings

Once added to SmartThings, it was automatically added to Alexa due to the integration between the two hubs, I’m still working on getting the device added to Alexa, Google Home and Home Assistant via the share option……more to come on that.

Remotsy – voice control for the tv

No more remotes
Image thanks to redjar at flickr

I just signed up for my first Kickstarter project for the remotsy package. A device that integrates with smartthings and alexa to control your remotes by voice. No more moving the cat and dog to see if they are sitting on the remote or hunting for them if they are not underneath them – instead I can just say “Alexa – continue watching Gilmore Girls” and the bluray will turn on, along with the tv and the lights can dim. This will be useful to reduce the number of remotes for our home entertainment system(currently at 4 total).
Watching the demo videa was amusing as they demonstrated Alexa commands – naturally my Alexa heard the ad and chimed in and although it got the time right, everything else was a “Sorry I don’t understand”
At $57 including shipping for a beta and a retail device it’s also pretty reasonably priced. There are quite a few packages left at the moment, but the project has just been released so I expect it to sell out pretty quickly