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SuperGenPass support now available for the Blackberry

I have been using the SuperGenPass bookmarklet for a long time now to allow me to have unique passwords for each website that I need to log into but only one master password to remember but the drawback is that it only works for websites and you need the javascript bookmark (or a web page downloaded).  I have the script saved in my gmail account to allow me to save it onto a new machine that is under my control and use, but for those times when you don’t really want to save the bookmarklet on the pc but have access to your blackberry, then you can now save this implementation of SuperGenPass for the blackberry thanks to Michael Gorven. The download page is http://mene.za.net/passgen/ and the script also gives you an option of using the PasswordComposer generation for passwords.

The blackberry is rapidly becoming my thirdparty authentication tool – the ability to run programs on it to generate secure passwords is very handy – I have another post on this coming up shortly.

Windows7 installs fast.

I downloaded Windows7 as part of my technet plus subscription and got a few minutes to try the installation whilst listening to the Hyper-V deep dive training session this evening. The time taken to install from my iso image to  a running installation was 31 minutes – thats VERY good going.

The client not surprisingly uses ie8 which was a bit of a pain for me. I use SGP for my online password management and that relies on the links bar within the browser. Now called the Favorites bar, for some reason this would not allow me to save the SGP bookmarklet in the bar – instead I had to add it to my favourites and then drag it into the bar afterwards.

It is too soon to make any more comments on it at the moment as it is time for bed, but so far it looks nice.

The one big plus is that Microsoft have FINALLY got the time zone problem fixed. Now they actually remember the timezone preference set during the installation and keep it afterwards rather than setting it to GMT-8 which theyhave been doing ever since Windows95!

I am getting some quirky things going on with my keyboard missing some characters, but I’m not sure if that is due to my bluetooth keyboard, ie8 or the fact I’m running in a hyper-v client where the parent server has been up for several days now.