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skitch screenshots for mac

Skitch is a great screenshot capturing program for the mac that also has integration with flickr (and skitch.com) to upload the images after they have been taken. Extra features such as watermarking, highlighting of areas of the screen, writing and drawing on the picture with the edits being individual items or layers and therefore movable, make this a very feature rich capturing program. I’m very impressed with it so far in my limited mac experience. My skitch site is at skitch.com/absoblogginlutely. The one photo I have uploaded (and to flickr too) is a picture of some very bad redacting by the army

Ipod reboot

My ipod locked up this morning – it would not respond to any buttons but it would detect the lock being slid across as the lock icon would appear or disappear on the screen. I got to work, mentioned it to my colleague who promptly started to google it. Much to our amusement the first result after typing in reboot and then a space was reboot ipod.
Top result in Google when searching for reboot followed by a space. (by absoblogginlutely)
After pressing the menu and center buttons twice, the ipod unfroze and I was able to listen to my podcasts in the car this morning.