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Google Analytics

I’ve signed up and installed Google Analytics to get some more log/traffic analysis of visits to this site. This may give me an easier (read quicker) method of looking at the stats, search entries and stuff like that. I’m not quite sure what it gives me – I will find out when I get some data in the next couple of days. The one thing I’ve worked out, is that I wish I had a custom header or footer included on all my pages so that i’d only have to make the change to a couple of files and have it updated on all pages rather than edit the multiple templates and then rebuild all the files.

footnotes in Word

If you’ve ever tried to create a footnote in Word and got the daft error message that states “Start At must be between 1 and 16383 for this format.” when the Start At is set to 1 (or 2 or 3 or 4 or …) then the fix is to select the entire document apart from the last paragraph mark (turn the viewing of paragraph marks on by pushing the ΒΆ button on the toolbar) and then copy paste the document into a new document. Hopefully the document is not that big and that you can copy paste with no problems! Thanks to this post on google groups for the answer