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Geocaching.com to Flickr greasemonkey script updated.

I updated my Geocaching.com greasemonkey script to work with the new cache names. This script automatically links to the flickr photos tagged with the geocache name ie GC1NMKA
When I first wrote the script back in 2005 I knew very little about greasemonkey scripts and unfortunately not a lot has changed. However I realized that the script broke as it was looking for the characters GC followed by 4 uppercase alphanumeric characters. New caches now have 5 characters so I needed to fix this.

A quick change to the script now looks for GC followed by any number of uppercase alphanumeric characters and can be found by going to geocache2flickr with a greasemonkey enabled browser and installing the script. This will be the official location but will also be available on the userscripts.org website.
Screenshot of geocaching.com website showing link to flickr page

WLG plugin for flickr issues

I was going to upload some photos tonight to Flickr using Windows Live Photo Gallery and the flickr plugin that I find very useful for uploading my picoftheday photo. Tonight however every time that it tried to connect it crashed. Initially I thought that it was a problem with the size of the files as I hadn’t uploaded the full size photos before so I switched to the web interface and then realised that Flickr had been taken offline for some maintenance work – unfortunately this broke the flickr plugin. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for todays picoftheday. I have three photos that I can’t decide between so I’m probably going to start a 365 rejects set too.