Superbowl thoughts so far

It’s the “big game” tonight (what a stupid idea to not allow people to refer to it as the SuperBowl) and I was really looking forward to going round to some friends from church for a party. We actually got on the road and drove a couple of miles before turning around to go back home as the snow was starting to settle a bit too much on the road and we really didn’t fancy the drive back home afterwards in the snow. So I’ve still yet to actually go to a SuperBowl party.
So we got home and watched the first half. Most of the commercials were pretty good but I thought it was a bit crazy that there have been coca-cola adverts at every break, but it was the Pepsi half time show, with Prince (who seems to be no longer referred to as the artist formerly known as Prince). Although I don’t like Prince’s music I did prefer it to the Rolling Stones from last year.