No response from MetroNOmy PC

Its been two weeks now since I received a request to stop any more comments being made on my comment about Absoblogginlutely: MetroNOmy PC sends an email stating that they won’t be shipping out pc’s for the time being.
I emailed Julian this afternoon with the following –

Hi Julian – its been some time now since you contacted me about comments that Gavin made. Have you had any more details on how many pc’s you have shipped out and references? Many thanks

I have removed *some* of gavin’s comments which were sailing close to the wind, but others I have left as they were from his own personal experience of working at Intersaver, where Julian agrees that he worked and the fact remains that Intersaver did go bust.

After GCC’s email about libel I did check up on libel law. What does seem daft is that as GCC said, its the only uk law where you are guilty until proven innocent! I have therefore removed any possible unfactual comments from Gavin’s posts and I am still awaiting a reply from Metronomy for more information.


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