New church visit

We went to a new church yesterday, Fellowship Baptist Church in Dublin which seemed to be a much closer fit to the kind of church that we were looking for. I cracked up though when the first song that the (very talented) pianist played was the UK National Anthem – I almost felt like standing up and saluting. Apparently the national anthem is also a hymn over here. As it is Memorial Weekend they also faced the American flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance, the first time I’d heard it said in a long time and probably the first time that Kristen had said it in 6.5 years.
The church had powerpoint for the songs with none of the fancy animated backgrounds which was great AND they even had the projector mounted on the ceiling (fancy that Danny!!!!)
The music was an interesting mix of old hymns (but played at a good pace) and also new songs.
The preaching was excellent, with some humour at times but not too much with a pretty energetic pastor who walked around the platform but again, not too much that it was distracting. They are about to start a new series on Sunday evening with two disciplines – one of which is learning Greek!
They do need a new website (do I sense some steps forward?) but it is good to see that their calendar of events is uptodate.


  1. Angela

    I’m glad to hear you might have found a church home. I know how very important that is.

    The hymn you speak of, was it “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” or something else?

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