I missed The Office last week so I checked out nbc.com to see how the video online would be. Due to the fact that it uses a flash player I thought it would be a good idea to use Internet Explorer for the browser. All went well until after the second (annoying) advert break. I don’t mind sitting through adverts, but when it is the same advert played at every break it gets really annoying. So after the 2 break IE refused to carry on and play chapter 3 and more. I switched over to firefox to see if that would work and was surprised to see that it would actually play. The real bonus is that for some reason firefox skips the adverts so I can watch the whole thing without them – somehow I don’t think that is what NBC had in mind 🙂


  1. mikelietz

    Lucky you – the commercials appear just fine for me in Firefox. I end up using IE about half the time, too.

    I’ve noticed that occasionally the ads are different. But more often the shows don’t completely load, or a chapter dies midway through. What it really needs is buffering!

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