mcpmag blocked.

I subscribe to redmond mag and mcpmag but pages from these sites in google results (see top result here) are being flagged as possibly malicious and clicking through the “go ahead show me the site anyway” then leads to a blocked page (in firefox beta 5) at stating that the site has been “reported bad”. Unfortunately there is no way to see *why* it’s reported as bad so I can’t make the decision myself and there is no continue button either. Instead my only other choice is to use internet explorer which is more likely to expose me to problems as there isn’t a flashblock/noscript plugin for ie like there is with firefox to provide basic protection straight away. sounds like a good idea but could actually expose someone to more dangerous content (and there really should be a “yes I know what I’m doing” button!)


  1. Steve Giovanni

    Actually, there *is* a plugin for IE that offers adblock/noscript functionality along with a gang of other really great enhancements (such as inline search, a download manager, etc). And it’s for the frizzle:

  2. Neil Turner

    The site has either been hacked, or one of its advertisers has, or some of its downloads have spyware in them. With a bit of luck they will realise soon, sort out the problem and have Google lift the ban.

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