Mandrake 10

Saw a mag with mandrake 10 on it in WHSmiths, so purchased it to upgrade….bad decision! At least in september I was able to get Mandrake on the laptop but this time its installed and working – but not in a gui interface (and the wifi card still doesn’t work). When I try to run startx I get “failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module”. The weird thing is that there is a nice 10 with a star logo in the right hand side of the screen, and it is using a graphical logo to boot up……
Update Turns out I needed to install the latest driver, so a wget downloaded the file.
Then a sh NVIDIA… complained it couldn’t find a kernel and that I needed it compiled or something BUT I didn’t have the kernel sources loaded.
rpm on kernel-source said that I needed gcc and a few more dependencies loaded.
Once I had loaded them all, ncurses, gcc, nlibsomethingorother I was then able to startx and get a graphical screen! Talk about complicated!